Natalia Doljak is DJ, co-founder of the Dollhouse party concept and the radio program Dollhouse Radio Show. As an essential figure in the underground electronic scene of her country, Paraguay, has been developing and consolidating as an artist since 2004 in the city of Asunción. It has also been presented in London (United Kingdom), Miami (United States), Quito and Montañita-Lost Beach Club (Ecuador), La Paz and Santa Cruz (Bolivia). Her work has been part of different editions of Mixmag Latin America and in the Boiler Room San Bernardino, Paraguay 2018.

She grew up listening to her dad play the organ and passing her collection of disco music in the living room of her house, where she danced to the rhythms that hypnotized her, generating infinite curiosity and desire to hear more. Radio being a major influence on his development as a DJ, he was collecting cassettes where he recorded his favorites from the 80s and 90s so that he could relentlessly listen to those sounds that captivated his attention.

Later he decided to work in a sales center for musical instruments and accessories to be closer to different and exotic sounds, and to nourish his repertoire with something that went beyond the ordinary. Thus he discovered the fusion sound, underground and experimental of the 90, with artists like Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Gus Gus and Daft Punk.

Having compiled this into CDs, he went to different radios in her city with the desire to amplify the musical experience of more people through his fascination with these sounds. As these doors were not opened in that attempt, he decided to become a DJ to project this passion with the mission of uplifting that mesmerizing music that had to be heard.

Thus had its beginnings in different bars of Asunción, establishing itself like the first feminine DJ of the country. In a short time she was taking on notoriety with her mixes, taking dance music to another level, as well as her radio show  “Electro Bytes” in 2009.

All this process influenced their sound where until today the groove is a fundamental ingredient. With a lot of versatility of genres in her sets, Natalia Doljak manages to move the track taking anyone who is present through a unique journey in time; going through the intensity of Detroit techno, the timelessness of the Chicago house, the intrinsic melodies of tech house and the mystique of deep house. In this way he is reading the track and changing mood according to each occasion that is presented. That’s why Natalia’s sessions always bring something special that allows us to keep that moment as a special and unrepeatable experience.


Dollhouse Agancy

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